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I’m member of a couple of Facebook groups about An Cafe, and someone posted the first picture earlier today saying it was Bou. 

I was completely astonished to the point that I was in shock. I mean seriously? Look at this guy, he looks nothing like Bou! The hair color looks similar (except it’s a bit more blonde than Bou’s) but other than that he doesn’t look like Bou at all! I cannot believe that some people seriously believes this is Bou (obviously some does since they said it was Bou)! I was literally thinking when I saw this picture “What the ACTUAL fuck?!?! You have to blind to think this is Bou!!!!!” 

I’ve said it before (recently, actually) and I’ll say it again. I am sure that the guy in the second picture is in fact Bou because of what I explained in this post: . Besides that, the second picture is the only picture (out of all the ones that’s been posted that are supposedly Bou) I’ve ever seen that actually looks like Bou.

Um, the person in the first picture is Hiro Mizushima not Bou. here is a bigger picture.

Also, I was the one who found the 2nd photo and i can confirm that the person in that photo is Bou.

The last comment seriously made me lol xDD

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